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Experimenting with ChatGPT for DevOps

April 07, 2023  ·  1123 words  ·  6 mins

I had been working in the DevOps and Site Reliability space for roughly 5 years by the time that ChatGPT made it’s ground shattering debut to the world, and it truly revolutionized how we all think about work and technology. At Endowus, we strive to see how we can leverage modern technology to its fullest, and in this case, how ChatGPT can help DevOps engineers optimize parts of their workflow.

We had all heard the rumours of ChatGPT being able to write a complete application from scratch. With a healthy level of skepticism, I thought “it can’t really be that good”. So I decided to test it out and see for myself.

Initially, I started asking it to produce small scri…

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