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Evolving Quality: Levelling up automated end-to-end testing for microservice architectures

March 05, 2024  ·  2471 words  ·  13 mins

In this post, we’re going to share the story of how we tackled the tough task of testing microservices. We’ll talk about the roadblocks we hit with traditional end-to-end testing and how these challenges pushed us to come up with our own solution for test automation. You’ll get an inside look at the steps we took to build a test automation platform that lets us confidently release new code.

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Understanding and Resolving OOMKilled errors in JVM microservices

December 14, 2023  ·  2512 words  ·  13 mins

Have you ever faced the dreaded “OOMKilled” (Out Of Memory Killed) message in your Kubernetes environments? If so, you’re not alone!

In this post, we’ll dive into a real-world scenario where some of our backend services faced exactly this challenge. We’ll unpack what happened, how it was investigated, and the lessons learned. We have tried to keep it understandable even if you’re not a JVM or Kubernetes expert. Feedback welcome!

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A story of 3 bets - Tech Values - Part 2

July 22, 2023  ·  1325 words  ·  7 mins

In an earlier post, we shared how we think about Engineering Values at Endowus and how they guide our decision making. In this post, we will share some instances where we applied these values in real scenarios.

By the way, we also covered this topic in a talk titled “From Theory to Practice: How Engineering Values Inform Technology Decisions,” at APIdays Singapore 2023. The complete talk can be viewed on YouTube.

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Life at Endowus as a Mobile Engineering Intern

June 01, 2023  ·  1062 words  ·  6 mins

Hello! I’m Amelia Tay, a third-year undergraduate studying Information Systems at the Singapore Management University and I’ve spent my past 5 months with Endowus as a mobile engineering intern. Taking my last week here to reflect on these past few months has made me realise how pivotal of a role Endowus has played in my personal growth. So here I am, hoping to share with you how that came to be!

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Experimenting with ChatGPT for DevOps

April 07, 2023  ·  1123 words  ·  6 mins

I had been working in the DevOps and Site Reliability space for roughly 5 years by the time that ChatGPT made it’s ground shattering debut to the world, and it truly revolutionized how we all think about work and technology. At Endowus, we strive to see how we can leverage modern technology to its fullest, and in this case, how ChatGPT can help DevOps engineers optimize parts of their workflow.

We had all heard the rumours of ChatGPT being able to write a complete application from scratch. With a healthy level of skepticism, I thought “it can’t really be that good”. So I decided to test it out and see for myself.

Initially, I started asking it to produce small scri…

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Unlocking Engineering Productivity Through Unlimited Isolated Test Environments

March 24, 2023  ·  1935 words  ·  10 mins

At Endowus, we believe that happy & productive developers create products that customers love. Thus, we regularly invest in developer experience and in this post, we are sharing the story of one of our larger investments in this area. The story of how we increased our engineering productivity by building an internal platform that allows our developers to deploy and test our full digital wealth platform in isolated production-like environments.

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How Endowus engineers the right tech values

January 01, 2023  ·  806 words  ·  5 mins

There have been many attempts at defining the culture of an organisation. Some claim culture stems from a company’s vision and mission. Others think it’s about perks and benefits.

We think the best articulation of what constitutes a company’s culture is found in Ben Horowitz’s book “What You Do Is Who You Are”, in which he writes:

Your culture is how your company makes decisions when you are not there. It’s the set of assumptions your employees use to resolve the problems they face every day. It’s how they behave when no one is looking.

This rubric of decision making can be captured as that which a company values. As individual contributors, and later as engineering leaders at many different companies, we’ve witnessed first-hand how engineering teams make choices and decisions that are influenced by these cultural values.

Every company, every department, and every team has values. Whether they realise it or not and whether they explicitly write them down or not - they exist and are the invisible force guiding employee behaviours and decision making.

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